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The Servo Story  (continues)

Forty years of innovation in ventilation (continues)

The Servo revolution (continues)

Boldly going where no other ventilator could go before  (continues)


The Servo Story

"Getinge buys Siemens Life Support Systems"

Forty years of innovation in ventilation

The polio outbreak in the 1950s and the beginning of modern Ventilation Therapy

Ventilation after the epidemic – The first mechanical respirators

The Servo revolution

Boldly going where no other ventilator could go before

The Servo 900B – CO2 measurement comes into the mix

The 1980s – Re-setting the world's ventilation standards

An 80s favourite in every department

Servo 300 – Leaping into the age of microprocessing

Working together to be better

Accelerated research and clinical applications

Servo-i – Making waves with modularity

Ongoing clinical and technological development

New lung protective tools

NAVA – The latest standard-setter in mechanical ventilation

True synchrony – For real

What's next

The Servo Story

(Di prossima pubblicazione)

The Servo Story

(Di prossima pubblicazione)


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The Servo Story (continues)



















Forty years of innovation in ventilation (continues)



















The Servo revolution (continues)



















Boldly going where no other ventilator could go before (continues)


















Naturally, the sophisticated breathing parameter settings, monitoring and alarm systems of the Servo ventilator were unfamiliar to most clinicians.


Sven-Gunnar Olsson initiated an extensive programme of training and user documentation, developed in close collaboration with researchers and hospital personnel, to bring everyone up to speed.


The user documentation of the Servo 900 was awarded prizes for best practice in the industry, and its high standards are still reflected in the documentation and training development of today’s Servo Ventilators.












Some of the national and international awards assigned to Servo Ventilator's User Documentation and Training Programs.







Luciano Russo, a formal teacher of Visual Communication and Non-Verbal Languages, the unconventional manager whose visionary creativity and innovative methods were warmly adopted and fully supported by Division Manager Sven Gunnar Olsson to be successfully applied to the under many aspects revolutionary, highly knowledge and know-how based industrial and medical project.










Luciano Russo created, inspired and managed the professional team of highly skilled clinical, technical and marketing communicators which supported R&D and Quality Assurance in generating their traditionally functionality-focused Technical Requirements Specification - TRS rather starting from a user and usability-centered "User Requirement Specification" - URS, designing user "friendly" man-machine interfaces - that is user "accessible, compatible, adaptable and supporting" at such an extent to become safe, reliable, effective, easy-to-use and difficult-to-misuse - sustained by an unprecedented training effort and a condensed picture-based user documentation published in 8 different languages as a standard, all along a crucial 15-years period of time - from late 70s until early 90s - thus greatly contributing to the well known worldwide success of the "Limitless Servo Ventilator System", reaching up to a 35-40 percent share of the global intensive care market.






Initially appointed as coaching In-House Consultant, Luciano Russo joined the Ventilator Division, later Life Support Systems, at first as Information Manager (SV 900B), then as Manager Marketing Communications and Manager Marketing Research (SV 900C and 900D), eventually Manager Pre-Marketing - Special Projects (EV-X / SV 300 and Servo PCM - Patient Care Manager) in deep synergy with R&D and, finally, as Manager User Support (SV 300) at Siemens-Elema, Solna, Stockholm, Sweden.





























































Even after leaving Siemens Luciano Russo will continue to contribute to both Siemens-Elema LSS and AGA Medical Gases R&D and marketing projects through his consulting companies AlterEgo Informatik and AlterEgo Publishing, today's AlterEgo Business Development and AlterEgo Information Design respectively, until the mid 90s.